Your Portal to Connection, Leadership and Inner Being.

Your Portal to Community, Leadership and Inner Being.

Join us for Empowering Practices, Workshops and Retreats where women come together to share and unite in truth and love. We are Water Priestesses who acknowledge the sacred land where we now live, the beautiful Texas Hill Country, and vow to protect and honor her through ritual and relationship.


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Movement Within Stillness: A Winter’s Yin Yoga and AcuPerception practice

Dr. Lacey Dupre will be teaching her incredible practice: AcuPerception within the context of our current season: the transition into Winter. Winter is a time of Reflection and orienting into our Intuition. Through a series of potent, guided practices you’ll immerse yourself into this season of rest and reset, despite the exuberant and often anxiety-inducing revelry of the holiday season. Lacey is our local medicine woman, resident Dr. of Traditional East Asian Medicine and she offers her Needle-Free Acupuncture, Herbal Formulas and integrated Stone, Sound and Light therapies virtually and in-person to the Texas Hill Country. Find out more @

We’ll end our practice with Leah McQuade leading us through restorative and inward-focused yin yoga. Yin yoga asks us to take time to get out of our busy minds and into our bodies. Leah McQuade is a certified master coach, yoga teacher, wild woman, and embodiment expert. Her passion is helping people find joy, peace, and pleasure by connecting to their bodies. In this one-hour yin class, we’ll slow down our minds to develop a deeper connection to ourselves, our intuition and find our innate wisdom within. Find more about Leah at 

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